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Komal Kothari


Komal Kothari, the pioneering founder of Recreate Spaces Studio which is India’s first content creator space designed for new aged content creators, leads the event and entertainment industry. She has built a company celebrated for hosting breathtaking and avant-garde events, shoots, videos, and festivals. Komal’s mission is to bring the studio’s enchantment, grandeur, and aesthetic brilliance to real-life experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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In a short span, Komal’s innovative ideas have propelled Recreate Spaces Studio to the top. The studio is now a premier venue for high-profile photo shoots, weddings, interviews, festivals, and video productions. It attracts celebrities like Bhumi Pednekar, Manoj Bajpayee, Mouni Roy, Govinda, and many more renowned personas. Komal’s pursuit of perfection and ability to turn visionary concepts into reality have made Recreate Spaces Studio the ultimate destination for extraordinary productions. Her work sets new benchmarks in creativity and innovation, making every project a spectacular experience.

Step into Komal Kothari’s world and witness the fusion of art, imagination, and excellence. For more insights into her professional journey, visit her Instagram and profile.

Harshal Kothari


Harshal Kothari, our visionary co-founder, brings over 15 years of dynamic event management experience to Recreate Spaces Studio which is India’s first content creator space designed for new aged content creators. Specializing in MICE, weddings, political events, and experiential marketing, Harshal seamlessly integrates technology into our creative processes, turning visionary plans into spectacular realities.

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His expertise has forged successful collaborations with premium brands, festivals, and expos, establishing Recreate Spaces Studio as an industry leader. Harshal’s leadership extends beyond our studio, shaping it into the cutting-edge venue it is today.

With a proven track record of working with A-list celebrities and international clients, Harshal ensures every project exceeds expectations. Step into the world of Harshal Kothari and witness the magic he creates, visit his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles